My More Than Cute Wedding

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In our team, good news are shared with great joy and excitement. And with every good news come waves of congratulations and a series of jokes that are written in the team’s history.

My husband proposed to me at the end of 2015. I was certain that the wedding would come one day but it was not on our to do list for 2017. Me and my husband were thinking that we would have the wedding ”when its time comes”. We were picturing it in 2018, maybe even 2019.

In the summer of 2016 began the second round of jokes, good cheer and fun chats about my wedding. One thing led to another and it culminated with these challenging questions: ”How hard can it be to organize a wedding?”, ”If you want something natural, how hard can it be to find a field, a forest or a cabin?”, ”Given that it’s the same arrangements in 2 or 3 years from now, what difference would it make to do it in 2017?” etc. :)

So, with jokes and encouragements, together with my fiance at that time we set the date for the wedding which was way earlier than we’d ever expected: July 15, 2017.

We worked for hundreds of hours on wedding arrangements in 10 months. We wanted something simple, natural, with personal touches, just like home. We wished for a small intimate wedding, we wanted to celebrate this special day with our closest friends and relatives. I don’t mention coworkers, they fall in the friends category.

In some cases we asked for help, in others we didn’t, but my colleagues helped me nevertheless in any possible way:

  • Ionuț recommended me the DJ he had at his own wedding.
  • Speedy helped me with financial advice and Excel tracking.
  • Vero gave me useful tips about food, beverages and many other things.
  • Alex and Lazăr made jokes to make my days better.
  • I had constant moral support from Andrei and Dragoș.
  • We had the most delicious wine recommended by our wine connoisseurs, Bogdan and Dragoș.
  • Dana was my bridesmaid and also bridezilla’s psychological counselor.
  • Vlad was groomsman and he helped us with a whole lot of different things.
  • Liviu also did a whole lot of different things... twice as much (cuz he’s tall).
  • Tudor lent us his GoPro camera so we could film everything to make sure that we didn’t miss any funny moments.
  • We had the most beautiful, bohemian, natural and minimalist moss decorations thanks to Karibu (close relative of Code932 and Miron, our mascot).

Our wedding had two parts, in two different days - on Wednesday we had the civil ceremony and on Saturday we celebrated the holy matrimony and the wedding party.

So on July 12 we had the civil ceremony and knowing that is was a normal workday we thought that only some relatives, our witnesses and maybe some friends would come. So 10 or 15 people tops. After we got to the civil registry a great storm started and it was raining heavily. I thought that it was going to be only me and my husband. Many of the ones we invited were caught in traffic and with the storm it was close to impossible for them to be there in time. Some friends and relatives were already there, the others were still caught in traffic. With our hearts pounding, we were waiting for our turn and we were watching the storm out the window talking about how weather can change a wedding. But the best part is that we had many people than we expected and of course, my colleagues made me a surprise, they left work in the middle of the day to be by my side when I said the official ”Yes”.

Spoiler alert: They both said ”YES!”

On Saturday, July 15, we had the holy matrimony and the wedding party in the evening. At the church some colleagues from Code932 came, again with big smiles on their faces and with their arms wide open. At the party, even if there were only 60 people, the dance floor was empty only when we were eating. It was an amazing sight when you were looking at the dance floor; everyone at Code932 was dancing and jumping with their hands up along with our friends and family and me Adi, my husband, in the center. One of the highlights of the evening was when Dana, Vlad and Adina made us a surprise (that was literally the only detail of our wedding we didn’t know about), they brought two special people to play our song, ”Supergirl” from Reamonn. It truly an emotional moment.

We danced, singed and laughed from 8 till 5 in the morning.
We had the most beautiful wedding party I’ve ever attended. That’s how beautiful it was.

Love is when you dance for other people’s happiness
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