How To Be a Girl Among Boys at Work Why Be Santa to a Stranger

As any respectable company, you should help your employees grow and develop but not necessarily in the direction of the position they hold. And if one of these employees wishes to participate actively in the development of others by holding workshops and presentations, it’s even more motivating to direct some resources in this direction.

Everything started from a colleague who, being inspired by the talks about self-development that were happening in the company and by our desire to find out more about the subject, started to organize one-hour sessions with this topic, once a week. These meetings were taking place before work, of course. But the fact that the participation was optional along with a hot cup of coffee made the early wake-up more bearable.

After a couple of months during which I continued to attend these meetings, together with some colleagues we decided that it was time to bring these meetings to the next level. This change was going to be about approaching new subjects about each participant’s financial habits, negotiation techniques and even ethics. After the first sessions on this new topic we managed to consolidate a core of 7 people who have been participating constantly in these meetings. This has been happening for 2 years now, a period of time during which we’ve learned more efficient ways to save money, how to talk to clients and we’ve also learned that the early acknowledgement of our mistakes offers us many solutions in the long run. We’ve learned that it is essential to understand perfectly the message that’s being communicated to us, but also to make sure that the others understand what we want to say, in any context, in order to avoid any misinterpretations and other problems that may arise in the future. But we also learned that success or the direction of a company is mostly influenced by the work and motivation that we invest every day.

One of the most interesting presentations was a few months back. We invited a speaker outside the company who works in banking. He clarified for us the idea of investing in the stock market and one of the most important conclusions that we all reached is this: ”You don’t play with the money for food!”.

Even if sometimes we become too passionate and we argue, in the end all of us have a common goal, that’s why we keep attending these meetings we call ”Money Meetings”.

Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy you [insert something expensive you really love here], which is pretty much the same thing.
How To Be a Girl Among Boys at Work Why Be Santa to a Stranger