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Andrei, About Serres Rally: Why Does It Have To Be Hard? How To Be a Girl Among Boys at Work

Why don’t brands communicate like real people?

Wouldn’t it be ideal for a brand to start communicating like a real person? Wouldn’t this be the best way to get really close to your clients, to communicate without barriers, to understand the personalities of your customers, know how they feel and react instantly to them, providing not only support but advice as well.

Imagine if you could create a digital brand that thinks and behaves like a real person. Your company would then serve the exact needs of your customers, as they change your system changes with them.

Your brand would become their personal digital concierge immediately available to anticipate all of their problems and provide immediate solutions.


Imagine that you could have a 24/7 support team that is always available and more than that is always happy to talk and serve your customer without having to pay for any support staff!!!

Imagine that your message is delivered accurately 100% of the time.

Imagine you can offer customizable options, see availability in real time, apply hourly changes to your sales techniques that adapts to the changing demands and behaviours of your customers.

No staff re-training, no committee meetings, no blockers and no downtime!

This is the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

This is our concept!

How could you get from here to there?

We would help you to concentrate all of your data into one big brain and centralize all of your rules and strategies to enable your brain to provide the best solutions and to communicate these to your customers in a very human way.

We would help you look at all of the technology that you, as a company, use to collect data such as websites, apps, push notifications and email marketing and then concentrate all of this data into our designed artificial intelligent “brain”. We would then enable you to teach that brain what you want it to know empowering the brain to communicate to your customers the way that people communicate to each other?

This is what we enable you to achieve.

You Need a good example – somtheing like this

If you are in a club or at a party and you want a friend to join you what do you do? You send them a picture, send them the location and only bother them if you see they're active or if you know they like that sort of events. This is how we think that a club brand should communicate with its clients. Exactly like this! Send them pictures or videos from the location when a party is on and send them a location or an Uber when they need it. And where would you send all this? Not in an app that the person needs to find and install, nor on a website that the person would need to remember… you would send it a chat message.
This is the Digital Concierge concept.

Turn your brand into a Digital Concierge for your audience. Talk to people the same way a friend would talk to them and break all the barriers of communication.

Make communication simple and go where people are!

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Andrei, About Serres Rally: Why Does It Have To Be Hard? How To Be a Girl Among Boys at Work